Hiking – A big dream and a new challenge

Hiking – A big dream and a new challenge

It all started when we were watching a documentary about the Appalachian Trail, a marked hiking trail from Georgia to Maine. The Trail is about 3.500 kilometers long and people have walked it in 5-6 months.We had been to the Blue Ridge Mountains a couple of times, since it was fairly close to where we lived and I remember we had been on the trail. Our girls were young and we only went for short hikes,  but we had been there. And now we watched that documentary and we were hooked!

So it all began.

Eventually we moved back to Germany but the urge to experience something like a big hike didn’t stop. After settling down in our new home and dreaming of it for two more years, we planned a road trip to Italy. The closer we got to the Alps on our way, the more excited I got. Goosebumps, butterflies in my stomach and while driving through Austria I almost cried…..It was breathtaking! And here it was again….the wish to hike in the mountains.  We were certain we were not even close to fit for that kind of hike.
Another year later a book review in a magazine caught my attention. It was the book “Alpensolo” by Ana Zirner. Her book is about her Alpine crossing from east to west(from Slovenia through Austria, Italy and Switzerland to France) . She inspired me even more. 

Well, in the region we live there are no mountains just flat land but you have to start somewhere. 
I finally got the right boots for hiking and we went on our first hike. The hike was 7.56 km and had an elevation gain of 100 m and it didn’t disappoint. The smell and sound of nature, the freedom, the beauty and being able to clear the mind a little….we found all we were looking for. Here is the link to a video from our first hike:
I recorded it with my cellphone and our kids told me to hold the phone horizontal while filming next time. 😄 
After hiking a few trails in our region we  are now excited to go for a more challenging hike in the Harz mountains, on the Brocken (it’s the highest peak in the Harz with 1.141 meter). I’m eager to push my physical limits. 
And maybe one day we’ll be hiking in the Alps, you never know.