Do you also enjoy little crafts as much as I do?
Today I finally made my DIY tile coasters, that I had planned some time ago.
You’ll find this kind of coaster in many stores now but I was eager to create my own.
They look so pretty on the table, it makes me want to get more tiles and craft more coasters. Maybe with colors and patterns for each season?

It was an easy and quick craft but it was fun!

We bought some cork coasters on our last IKEA haul and beautiful tiles at a hardware store close by. I was looking for extra/leftover tiles at home but they were all to big. They would make nice coasters for hot pots and pans though. 😉
The hot glue gun and the craft knife I used I already had at home.

I removed the mesh from the back of the tiles to separate them and heated up the glue gun.
Now I added some glue to the back of the tiles and pressed a cork coaster on it. The cork coasters where a little bigger than the tiles, so I cut off the overlapping cork with my knife.
And my coasters were ready to use.

For the rest of the summer I’ll leave some outside on the porch so we’ll always have them to hand for our drinks and won’t leave more marks on the table.