How to plant garlic and why I like to do it in fall

Garlic has been know for thousands of years as both a traditional medicine and for food flavouring.

You can add garlic cloves to basically every food you like, raw or cooked. In spring when the first young leaves are out you can use the tips of the leaves to season soups, dips or salads.

It’s also good for your heart and stomach and known to boost the immune system.

When should I my plant garlic

I prefer to plant my garlic in September or October. When planting in fall it has time to grow a little before it takes a break during winter time. The first green leaves may die over winter but they’ll re-grow in spring. So in spring the garlic is already a little ahead and I can harvest and enjoy it in early to mid summer.

But you can also plant it in mid February to mid March. If it’s planted in spring you can harvest it about 4 weeks later, mid summer to late summer. The bulbs tend to be a little smaller since they have less time to grow.

What kind of garlic should I grow

It’s recommended to use native garlic from your climate zone to make sure it’ll grow properly. Choose healthy large cloves, free of diseases.

How to plant garlic

Garlic likes good soil in a sunny spot. Before planting garlic I like to prepare the dirt in my raised bed with some compost and loosen up the dirt so it’s easier for the cloves to build strong roots. Break up the bulbs into cloves and place them about 5 cm deep in the dirt with the tip up. The space between the rows and single cloves should be 10 cm.

Good neighbours

It always pays off to plant garlic with good neighbours like strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes or beets.

Harvesting garlic and storage

Once the leaves are brown and dry you can dig out the bulbs and hang them up to dry. It’s important to store the garlic in a dry and cool place. I like to make garlic braids, it’s a good and pretty way to store them.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Hepburn

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