Delicious Guacamole with Tortilla chips

Delicious Guacamole with Tortilla chips

Good morning everyone,

spring has arrived! 

To me, every season of the year has its beauty and I love them all. For spring, it makes me happy to see the first tiny flowers and the fresh green when everything awakes from a long winter. The birds that have left for the cold season coming back and the days are getting longer again.

All you want to do now, is go outside and fetch some sun rays. Hanging out with family and friends in the spring sun, enjoying fresh delicious snacks and beverages, smiling faces and laughter around you makes everything even better.

We used to live in the deep south of the USA, in Georgia. So many culinary experiences, including the Mexican cuisine made our mouths water.

Today  I would like to share a yummy guacamole recipe with y’all. 

My favorite recipe is from a coworker of ours, he is a Mexican native and his guacamole is just delicious.

It is very easy to prepare and he recommended to have a cold beer at hand while making it
(a suggestion we gladly like to follow). 

For the  Guacamole you’ll need  

4  Avocados
1 Tomato
1/2 onion, chopped 
1/2 handful fresh cilantro, chopped
juice of 1/2 Lemon or a little evaporated carnation milk (milk makes it creamier)
1 tsp chicken bouillon powder
1/2 chopped Jalapeno or Serrano pepper
Serve with Tortilla chips.
This will give you a good amount for 6-8 person.

To choose the avocados, press them lightly with thump and index finger on the top and bottom. It should feel soft but not too much.

 Gather all the ingredients around you and put the flesh of the avocado in a bowl. Start mashing it until it reaches the consistency you like best. I use a fork to mash it, seems the best way to do it to me.
To prevent the avocado from getting black,  add a little bit of lemon juice or evaporated milk. 
Now chop the onion and the cilantro and mix it with the avocado. 
I love the taste and smell of cilantro, therefor I often use a little more. 

Add the chicken bouillon powder to taste (the coworker makes it with chicken bouillon but I prefer veggie bouillon).

Finally chop the Jalapeno or Serrano pepper and mix with the guacamole or serve separate in a bowl  because not everyone prefers it hot.

 Enjoy with some tortilla chips.

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